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The Cultural Intelligence Advantage 

The ability to work, manage and lead cross-culturally is an essential skill for anyone working in today’s multicultural workplace.

Dr. David Livermore defines cultural intelligence as the ability to function effectively in organizational, national, ethnic, or generational contexts.

It is the CEO that understands how to adapt his product to diverse markets while maintaining brand identity.

It is the culturally intelligent boss who does not schedule a late afternoon meeting during the Muslim observance of Ramadan, or late on a Friday afternoon, which would interfere with the

observance of the Sabbath for religious Jews.

It is the culturally intelligent teacher that recognizes that having her students call her by her first name may be normal for some, yet, incredibly uncomfortable for others.

Whether you conduct business cross-culturally, have a multicultural workforce, teach a multicultural student body, or want a global career, enhancing your cultural intelligence is an essential skill in today’s globalized world.


  • Discover the 4 components of Cultural Intelligence

  • Learn why Cultural Intelligence matters

  • Understand the benefits of Cultural Intelligence and why its crucial to your success

  • Cultural Intelligence in action

  • Seminar Duration: 3 Hours

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