Project Description

Did you know that emotional and social intelligence are the secrets to developing top performing talent  

You may be an outstanding innovator, brilliant problem-solver or creative strategic thinker, but if you can’t engage or motivate your team, if you have difficulty cultivating relationships or persuasively communicating, those talents will not get you far. Extensive research findings indicate that “interpersonal skills”, that is skills that are composed of emotional and social intelligence are the secret to developing top-performing leadership. While many believe that soft skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and positivity are un-businesslike, research has revealed a direct link between these qualities and an organization’s bottom line performance. This workshop is based upon the latest findings in the fields of management, neuroscience and psychology.


  • How leadership behaviours affect the motivation of subordinates and in turn, their performance, and well-being at work

  • How to cultivate a positive and productive work environment

  • The essential characteristics of an emotionally intelligent leader

  • Discover the new science of social intelligence and how to apply it to your organization


    Workshop duration: 3 or 6 hours.