Congratulations to all my students graduating from Concordia University. For those not yet graduating, congratulations on completing yet another academic year.

This time of year seems to evoke a great deal of apprehension in new graduates as they try and navigate the transition from school to work. It can be scary, overwhelming, and confusing.

One of the issues that seems to surface quite often is this idea that you have to work in the field that you were trained in. Of course a job in your respective field may seem like a logical and natural extension of your academic career, but it actually may not be where you find work, and you may not even want a job working in your respective discipline.

I am here to let you in an on a little secret. Few of us ever end up working in the field we were trained in. In fact, only 27% of new grads end up working in a field related to their major.

You should also take comfort in the idea that a job is not a lifetime commitment. So many of my students express great anxiety over the possibility of making a wrong career move. There really are very few wrong career decisions providing you reflect on the reasons you are taking a job.

Few of us start with an entry-level position and move our way up the ladder in the same organization. And that’s oky. The key is to maintain an open mind, understand that you can always learn something from any job or situation, network, meet people, volunteer and seek out mentors. Make the experience count and take comfort in the knowledge that for better or for worse does not apply to your career.

To your success!

Dr. Gill