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February 2017

Is meaning the new money?

Employee motivation is quite a complex topic.
For a long time, management scholars and practitioners […]

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The generational divide: fact or fiction?

Some call it the generational divide while others refer to it as the generational […]

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How will you measure your life?

I have been teaching Organizational Behaviour, OB, for years, but this is the first time […]

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January 2017

Yes, you millennial need a mentor!

 Has your career plateaued?
•   Do you want to broaden your professional horizons?
•   Or, maybe everyone around […]

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February 2016

Bell Let’s Talk Campaign

I want to give a shout out to Bell Canada who has done an incredible job […]

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January 2014

Seminar Launch!

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that my team and I are finally […]

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