I want to give a shout out to Bell Canada who has done an incredible job at shedding light on the issue of mental illness in this country. With the help of the public Bell raised $6,585,250 for mental health initiatives and will fund projects that focus on improving access to mental health care.

Sadly, all to many Canadians who experience mental illness suffer in silence, as they are too ashamed to talk about their struggles. This topic is so very dear to my heart because I often encounter students and employees who are struggling with anxiety and depression. It wreaks havoc on their personal and professional lives and destroys relationships. The Bell let’s talk campaign is doing amazing work.

The beautiful and brilliant Clara Hughes is lending her voice and personal experience with mental illness to the cause. Her courage and bravery are admirable. It is not easy to be the face of an issue that is so highly stigmatized. Thank you Clara!

What is so very encouraging are the strides that have been made in better understanding mental illness and treatment options. There is so much we can do to better equip our students and employees deal with these struggles. Adults can find out more at Canadian Mental Health Association. The first step in this battle is to fight the stigma and start asking for help. If you are in need please reach out. There is help.