The health and well being of any organization starts with the individual well being of its staff. That is why our soft skills training seminars and workshops are designed to improve the functioning of your employees and increase organizational productivity. Our programs equip employees with knowledge, tools and resources to help them effectively respond to professional and personal challenges. In this way, we help employers train their personnel in organizational and life skills, while reducing costs and absenteeism rates. We also have a strong focus on strength-based training. We draw upon the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of Positive Psychology, Management and Neuroscience in an effort to teach people how to use their strengths to create more engaging work environments, derive meaning from daily tasks and improve interpersonal relationships. Our seminars and workshops offer practical tips that can be implemented as soon as you leave our sessions. In time and with practice these skills have been linked to better employee well-being, increased moral, and improved physical and mental health. If that is not reason enough to offer you’re employees soft skills training, then bear in mind many of these programs have been linked to positive financial gains.

We invite you to browse through our many seminars and workshops. We are constantly developing new material and can create  programs that are tailored to the needs of your organization. Drop us a line at 514.824.1967 or send an email to



I engaged Gillian as my coach about 8 years ago , and thanks to her I’ve never been happier. So my expectations going into her 6 week life skills series was extremely high. And, as always , Gill has exceeded my expectations in every way!
Ellis Basevitz , CPA, CA
Gillian gives terrific conferences! Not only is she an eloquent speaker and not only is the content of her talks very well thought through, she also tries to make every class relevant for each person in the room. No matter what topic Gillian speaks about, it will undoubtedly leave an impact on you. I would not hesitate to attend any of her future lectures.
Laila Sahyoun, B.Econ, BCL, LLB
Insightful, enlightening and thought provoking is the least that I can say about Gillian Leithman’s seminars! The various subject matters are conveyed objectively, professionally and with fluidity.
Pierre La Pointe, Associate Consultant, Willoria Management Consulting